Who We Are

Connecting artisan communities of Africa with the markets of the world, Primates A-Go-Go proudly offers handmade jewelry, bags and accessories created with recycled and raw materials sourced in Rwanda.  We have created a marketplace of beautifully crafted pieces reflecting the vibrancy of African colours.  The individuality of handmade pieces guarantees that no two are identical.  Each item sold assists victims of genocide in Rwanda to support themselves and their families.


Our Origins

While on a volunteer trip to Rwanda in 2012, company founder Merrill Genereux was inspired by those affected by the 1994 genocide.  Merrill learned that one of the biggest challenges Rwandan artists face is moving beyond the local marketplace and finding alternative channels to sell their products.  Motivated to get involved beyond her volunteer work, Merrill began building Primates A-Go-Go, a company that imports handcrafted Rwandan jewelry, accessories, clothing and that provides an online platform to reach a wider client base across Canada and, eventually, the rest of the world.  


Our Vision

The vision of Primates A-Go-Go is to ensure sustainability and fair trade with its artisan partners, the Aspire Rwanda Tujyembere and Fair Children Rwanda Co-operatives.  These partners set their own prices, thereby guaranteeing fair payment in return for their products. The increase in sales made possible by a larger marketplace leads to more demand for products which in turn results in more profits back to the artisans, allowing them to provide for themselves and their families.   Primates A-Go-Go was created to connect with and give a sense of self-worth and purpose to those inspired to thrive and prosper.